Online meets

In these still very unusaual times, we want to keep playing. Since we are still uncertain of the near future of being able to put a theatre production on stage, we are trying to keep ourselves busy by hosting a meet-up online, to be crative and have fun.

We have decided to evolve from only doing reading to each week offering something for everyone to have the chance to join in. Amongst the plans we have are online discussions about Productions we have seen online and offer little workshops as well as having the occasional reading too.

Have you recently seen a play on Youtube, BBC or elsewhere that you want to dicuss? Just tell us ahead of time and we can organise that as the weekly discussion.

Do you have any theatrical skills that you want to share or lead a little online workshop on a subject related to theatre? Please feel free to contact us about it. We will try and find some exciting stuff for everyone to take part in over the coming months.

Do you have a script for a play you always wanted to read but never felt like reading it solo would do it justice? Or have you written something yourself and want to hear it read? We are happy to recieve suggestions for the play readings.

And last but not least, are you interested in trying your hand at directing? We are happy to provide the basis for an online production and give you all the support we can to make it happen and have a great number of keen volunteers to act.

If you are interested in any of these or have your own idea of something you want to share with us, now is your chance.

Please contact us if you are interested via email;