In 2016 we started a playwriting group. A few of our members had already written short plays and monologues and they wanted to do more. They wanted to work with others to develop some ideas that might work as future productions.

By mid-2017, eighteen Players were regularly meeting to read and discuss each other’s work. Then, in August, the committee asked us if we wanted to write a short piece to be performed alongside the October production of Jekyll and Hyde.

2018 saw another new development for the playwriting group. We hosted a scratch night to showcase our works. Displaying 6 pieces of our work in a radio-play format which drew good numbers to watch and brought another exciting challenge to the group.

This year we are repeating the scratch night. Two of our members have written a full piece based on one of the themes that we chose and we are even working on a full length pantomime which the writing process was started by one of our members. Our aim is to soon be able to produce one of these into a full production.

How it works

Everyone is welcome to join the group. We are all enthusiastic amateurs who want to help each other improve our writing.

We meet at an agreed time, date and place to read through the pieces we have written since the last time we met. After discussing each in turn and offering suggestions, we decide the ‘theme’ for the next piece of work.

The ‘theme’ or ‘suggestion’ is broad, such as ‘addiction’, ‘shelf’ or ‘world event’. It gives us a starting point for our writing, but we each interpret it as we see fit – often wildly differently.

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