Meet the Players: Felicity Nelson

I hadn’t been in a play since primary school, but since moving to Forest Hill I had noticed St George’s Players’ productions and wondered whether I could join in. So I went to see their production of Memory of Water, a touching and intricate family drama, and the professionalism of the production coupled with the friendly atmosphere encouraged me to give it a go.

Since joining I’ve acted in and directed productions, and am also secretary on the group committee. I love the fact there’s loads to get involved with: you can literally pull the whole show together as director or help out back stage or front of house on the night. Whatever you get involved with you feel valued, part of the team and it’s lots of fun!

My favourite production with St George’s was Abigail’s Party. I played Ange and loved the part and the play. She’s not the brightest, our Ange, but she was a lot of fun to play; I still accidentally use some of her little phrases now and then and can’t help but smile!

On the other side, I’ve directed The Anniversary and, most recently, Stepping Out. It’s a real challenge to bring together a group of people in your spare time and with a tight budget, but on both occasions it’s been a case of all being worth it in the end! Both shows went down really well with audiences and introduced new members to the group.

I was overwhelmed at the amount of people who auditioned for Stepping Out. The worst part of the whole process was having to let some people down and not cast everyone! But even though everyone can’t have a part there’s always lots to do. I was so glad to see how many came to help out or see the play.

Stepping Out also provided a new challenge as it involves dancing. Thankfully, one of the cast could already tap so she was able to choreograph and teach the others. The fact our Players get to pull out hidden skills like that and be recognised for them is yet another fantastic part of being involved.

I hope anyone reading this who may have been thinking of getting in touch with us is encouraged to do so. You really can go from having no experience to getting involved at all levels, having loads of fun and meeting some wonderful people!