Auditions for our spring production: Soap!

We are excited to announce auditions for our spring production, taking place in our 90th anniversary year! We’re performing a new comedy play written by St George’s Players very own committee chair Mark Harrington.

When struggling daytime soap opera Blythe Hills is given 6 months to boost ratings, or get axed, the warring cast and crew must pull together to win back viewers – and their own credibility – with hilarious results!

📅 Below you’ll find details of our upcoming auditions, and opportunities to get involved back stage as part of the production team. There are lots of roles available for every interest.

  • Play read through – Thursday 8 February, 8pm
  • Audition (1) – Tuesday 13 February, 8pm
  • Audition (2) – Thursday 15 February, 8pm
  • Production meeting – Tuesday 20 February, 8pm

All taking place at St George’s Church Hall, Vancouver Road, SE23 2AG – 8pm. Scripts will be provided, you only need to attend one audition.

💡Rehearsals for Soap will take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening at St George’s Church from March-May.

🎭 Production Dates: Thursday 30, Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June

🎉 Everyone who takes part will receive our new SGP Anniversary T-Shirt


We’re looking to fill the following roles on the Production Crew for the spring production of Soap. If you’re interested in joining us and getting involved, please come along to the production crew meeting on 20 February. All levels of experience welcome:

  • Production assistant
  • Stage and backstage manager
  • Costume and props manager
  • Sound and lighting crew
  • Front of house crew
  • Stage build crew
  • Filming and editing
  • Photography

Must be available 25 May – 2 June and for periodic meetings March-May.


Production Crew of the soap opera “Blythe Hills”:

1. Casper Grayling; Producer – 40’s/50’s, ruthless, sneaky and uncaring, just thinking of his own career progression, and desperate to keep on side with the Network chiefs

2. Daniel Hudson; Director – 30’s/40’s, exasperated, hardworking and proud of his work, put upon by Casper and doesn’t like compromising with Network orders. The glue holding the studio together

3. Stella Grace; Head Writer – any age, has been the Head Writer for many years and knows the plot history inside out. Constantly asked to re-write but fights back. Best friends with Blanche. Self-assured

4. Judy Tickle; Wardrobe Mistress – any age, nervously excitable in a new job, trying to encourage new looks the cast don’t want, whilst ‘Fan-Girling’ Blanche. Trying to plan her wedding at the same time.

5. Rory Burke; Runner – any age, always running everybody’s errands & setting up for filming, but constantly tired due to homelife and always eating sandwiches whilst trying to hide away & sleep

6. Sally-Ann Priestley; Press Secretary – any age, stressed, always in a rush, dislikes the cast, fed up having to put a positive spin on the cast stories in the press whilst dealing with an incompetent assistant

Cast of the soap opera “Blythe Hills”:

7. Blanche Weston – playing “Cora Blythe” (Matriarch) – 40’s/50’s, longest serving & only original cast member, and rules the production. The Queen Diva. Neurotic, entitled, and considers it “her show”.

8. Tiffany Reed – playing “Adelaide Blythe” (Cora’s daughter) – 20’s, pampered princess, fame hungry, the sixth actress in the role; and Blanche’s daughter in real life, given her big break

9. Blair Blake – playing “Hugo Blythe” (Cora’s son) – 20’s, confident, party animal, play boy and publicity nightmare, on his final warning from Producers

10. Guy Cruz – playing “Thor” (Cora’s toyboy husband & personal trainer) – 30’s, good looking and vain, but not very intelligent. Winner of Sexiest Soap Star but not a great actor, constantly forgetting lines

11. Rod Chester – playing “Ted King” (Cora’s ex back from the dead) – 40’s/50’s, an original cast member returning, bitter and hates Blanche for previously getting him axed. Wears an eyepatch

12. Margot Madison – playing “Selina Stone” (Cora’s super-bitch sister and arch-rival) – 30’s, ambitious, villainous and jealous of Blanche, bitchy on & off screen, wants to be the soap’s leading lady

13. Ramona York – playing “Dr. Angela Di Angelo” (the family Doctor) – any age, classically trained actress who feels a daytime soap is beneath her. In the tabloids for having affairs with married men