Auditions for autumn 2023 production, Hobson’s Choice – 9 and 11 August

We’re thrilled to announce open auditions for our autumn production, Hobson’s Choice, directed by Shelley Brownlee and Rob Smith.

Join us at St George’s Church, SE23 2AG on Wednesday 9th or Friday 11th August from 8pm. Scripts will be provided. Please see character bios below to help with your preparation.

Auditionees should be available for evening rehearsals and weekend cast events from 29 August and throughout September and October, and production dates of 26, 27 and 28 October 2023. More details about important dates will be given at the auditions

Character bio’s for Hobson’s Choice

Alice Hobson:

Middle daughter, not too interested in the shop, longing to marry Albert Prosser, a junior lawyer. Wanting to move up in the world with her marriage. She, like her younger sister Vickey, relies on her older sister Maggie, to run the shop and to keep their father in check.

Maggie Hobson:

The eldest daughter and, in her father’s eyes past the marrying age. Intelligent, bright and an excellent businesswoman. The real force that drives Hobson’s Boots. Allows her father to think that he’s controls the business but runs all aspects of the shop & the family home. Realises the potential behind Willy Mossop.

Vickey Hobson:

Youngest daughter and favourite of her father, which she plays on. Like her sister Alice, not interested in the shop and is also looking forward to marrying Fred Beenstock, tradesman in flour/ corn. 

Albert Prosser:

Competent Lawyer junior partner in a local law firm. Suitor to Alice, slightly intimidated by Hobson. 

Henry Horatio Hobson:

Patriarch and grumpy owner of Hobson’s. The business is successful, he feels his name and shop are respected. Figurehead really as Maggie, Willy & Tubby run the shop. Alcoholic who spends most of his time in the pub. Feels that he runs a tight ship and is charge of the business. 

Mrs. Hepworth:

Rich patron of Hobson’s for many years and recognises that they make the best bots in town. Has no time for Hobson (different class) but is appreciative on the quality of the boots and their maker.

Timothy Wadlow (Tubby):

Loyal worker at Hobson’s Boots, at Hobson’s all of his working life. Not as talented as Willy in making boots but is a good worker and trusted by Hobson.

William Mossop:

Talented boot maker and hard working but timid. Not academically bright nor ambitious but enjoys working at Hobson’s and is, at first, happy with his lot. Isn’t interested in business, just happy to continue as he is, like his father did before him.

Jim Heeler:

Loyal worker at Hobson’s Boots, at Hobson’s all of his working life. Close working relationship with Tubby. 

Ada Figgins:

Young fiancée of Willy Mossop, childhood sweetheart and factory girl. Happy with her life. 

Fred Beenstock:

Tradesman in flour and corn and long-time suitor of Vickey also slightly intimidated by Hobson.

Dr. MacFarlane:

Straight talking doctor who takes no nonsense from anyone. Is instrumental in making Hobson realise the errors of his ways.