Virtual play reading night

As everything has now been put on hold in most of our lives due to Coronavirus, and even the thought of getting outside is an exciting but scary concept, we thought it best to provide a bit of theatrical entertainment that we can deliver right to your homes.

Join us for a St George’s first, an online play reading.

This is something that we could do fortnightly or even weekly if people are keen.

To start with, we will be reading Alan Ackbourne’s ‘Neighborhood Watch’, which is about a brother and sister who innocently set up a Neighbourhood Watch group following petty crime from a nearby estate, only for the group to go out of control and become an authoritarian force controlling the lives of the people they are supposed to protect.

The reading will take place on 31st March starting from 7.30pm, and will most likely be held on Skype.

If you are interested in taking part, please email to get a copy of the script and details on joining the online group call.