AGM 2018 report

On 12 December we held our annual generalmeeting at the Blythe Hill
Tavern.  It was a well attended affair where we discussed the last year
plus ideas for 2019. 

Stephen Gaskell, our Chair, presented his report and commented “2018 has
been a fantastic year of progress for the players.  I’m so proud of the
scale of talent and creativity in our community theatre group.  This year
we’ve seen ourselves diversify and expand our offering with the deliciously
dark Dinner production to contrast with our excellent interpretation of the
classic Importance of Being Earnest.  Our play writing group goes from
strength to strength and our readings continue to delight.  All underpinned
by a sound financial base on which to build progress.  And I was delighted
that the group kept their faith in me as I take on the Chair’s role for another

We discussed readings for 2019, production ideas for the coming season, ticket prices, future play writing plans and those all important sums in the budget.

In the committee nominations we welcomed Uli Wilfer and Marcus Ware and said goodbye to Dan Sumners who is stepping down from committee.  Stephen thanked Dan for his brilliant contribution and we are sure to see him continue to play a big role in the group’s future.

The committee for 2019 were confirmed as:

Stephen Gaskell, Chair
Ian Cooper, Vice Chair
Paul Buckenham, Treasurer
Felicity Nelson, Secretary
Shelley Brownlee, Committee Member
Katrina McLeay, Committee Member
Uli Wilfer, Committee Member
Marcus Ware, Committee Member
Rob Smith, Committee Member