9 May | Playwriting group

Our playwriting group meets again at 7.15pm on Wednesday 9 May at Catford Constitutional Club. As usual, we will read through the pieces we’ve written and offer each other comments and suggestions.

But we’ll also be discussing the scratch night we plan to host in August. A scratch night is an opportunity for writers to try out new ideas with an audience. Up to six 10 minute plays will be performed or read, and the audience will be asked to tell the writer what they think.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting, join the group and put something forward for the scratch night. We are all enthusiastic amateurs who will give you a warm welcome!

After we’ve read and discussed each short play, we decide the ‘theme’ for the next piece of work. The ‘theme’ or ‘suggestion’ is broad, such as ‘shelf’ or ‘world event’. It gives us a starting point for our writing, but we each interpret it as we see fit – often wildly differently.

If you’re interested in coming to the meeting or joining the group, please contact us.