Autumn production news

We have decided on the play that will be our production this October. 

The play will be A Bunch of Amateurs, written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman and will be Directed by Uli Wilfer.

It is the story of a washed-up Hollywood star who is flown to England to play King Lear at “Stratford” believing he will be appearing onstage at the legendary RSC. Instead he finds he has signed on with the “Stratford Players” an amateur dramatics group who have been struggling financially in the Suffolk village of Stratford St John. Can he bare acting with amateurs enough to save the theatre? And will the play ever make it to opening night?

It isn’t long until we begin the production process. There will be an open read through on 25th July ahead of the auditions which will be on the 1st & 6th August.

We will then be holding a production meeting on 14th Aug ahead of rehearsals starting on 20th.

It will be our normal rehearsal schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays until the play nights which will be 24th, 25th and 26th October.